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New site to build GA Homa cockpit's


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Hi everybody, I'm building a Beechcraft B58's home cockpit and I found a new interessant site that sell material for Cessna C172 and for B58.

The site sell the projects tables for cut with a laser or cnc and some hardware, like the gear for B58 or the throttle for GA.

The site is www.simmax.it

I hope this can help you, for your home cockpit.


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The site simmax.it have pubblished new products for cessna c172 and for B58.


I have read a review of some products and the valutation is very positive, 4+stars on 5 five stars


(here the review: http://www.raysaviation.mono.net/upl/16568/ReviewSimMax.itTPMandGearLever.pdf).


I will buy the starter and the flap mechanism and the b58 switch panel


Bye bye

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