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If you like to do Beta Testing in Automotive Racing simulation, and are an FSX simmer then please check this out.


For starters, a flight simmer might consider that its a little unusual to use a flight simulator as a automotive racing systems simulator. After all, you can get project cars, Assetto Corsa, Iracing, etc on game boxes.


But actually in a way its not unusual when considering that FSX is not just a flight simulator but in fact does enable the simmer to sail boats, as well as drive land vehicles in virtual worlds.


So its not really such a far stretch to consider FSX also performing as an Auto Motive Racing Systems Simulator. In fact, frame rates are a heck of a lot better than when in flight!


Turns out, after a lot of vehicle engineering, and very cool scenery design that enables virtual worlds in FSX for great racing circuits and tracks, FSX as an automotive racing simulator, such as demonstrated in the 2018 Indianapolis 500 Live Stream in FSX Simulation, is what the industry standard like Project Cars and IRacing need to catch up with.


Also: Implicit in FSX, but rarely used is its multi-player capability. For example, a flight school could arrange all its students to be online using it from their virtually rendered airport in FSX.


Today, if not on a LAN, then FSX Steam Edition can be used. This is where FSX as a motor sports racing simulator can be exploited.


The 2018 Indianapolis 500 Live Stream in FSX Simulation included not the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's 33 car count, but 22 in simulation. It was not in multiplayer, but could have been, that is, if Beta Testers were the drivers of its high performance Indy Cars.


Instead, 21 cars that were driven to win, were put to FS Recorder Tracks and the 22nt was driven for the 500 mile race against them on May 27th, starting at 12:19 pm est.


The Indianapolis Motor Speed way is 2.5 miles. So the 500 mile race consists of 200 laps. Indy Cars top at 230+mph. Indy 4 FSX cars top at 275+, have a different fuel capacity and rate, and do 20 laps at a time and then must Pitt to refuel.


To orchestrate 22 cars for the 500 required 11,000 miles,( or 4,400 laps ) in total to be driven in simulation. Now consider having each car survive thru the race while in most cases they are traveling in simulation at 250-279 mph for over two and a half hours each where totaling about 55 hours of driving.


To do this, trust that it can capture your passion where the bottom line is that for one Beta Tester, calls for 55 hours of driving. And if having 22 Beta testers, well, it would only have been A- 2.5 hours of driving, and B- it could have been in online multi-player.


To realize and take advantage of the virtual world capability that FSX under the hood can really offer can take some time to evolve. Consider, it originally does not come with race tracks and racing cars. But also consider what can be seen as a horizon for its tomorrow -


To be a Beta tester, the requirements include leaving space and time for passion in automotive race simulation. Actually this passion could be considered similar in a way to how professional drivers feel about what they are doing.


In other words, it takes a little more than just playing a game, as simulation has few implicit boundaries, and does require practice and development of skills. Further, one has to be able to communicate and collaborate with fellow team members; and hopefully be available for race simulation events.


To augment a core Beta Test Team, Lime Rock 4 FSX is the current focus. Its Freeware. If you have a copy of this freeware race track, simply make sure that you have registered it, or download and install it, get your hands on it, learn its track with the included lotus Super 7's, and then register it while also requesting more info on the Beta Test Program - Remember though, that you can't go multiplayer yet remotely, that is unless you are using Steam's FSX Edition.


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