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Hardware question


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Hello, newbie here with a first post... I see a lot of hardware related threads, but nothing specific to what I am looking for.


Here's what I am working with:

- Dell Optiplex 990 small form computer

- Intel Core i5-2500 CPU @ 2.70 GHz

- 8.00 BG RAM

- HD says it is 231 GB (250?)


FSX runs OK on it for my needs, but I don't know what I don't know. I'm planning to hook it up to larger HD TV, to try HDMI vs VGA cable, and to load FSX on another PC that at I have added a graphics card to in order to compare performance. Depending on results I may decide to upgrade or change my setup in some way.


Meanwhile, in order to understand what is possible:


1. Is it possible to upgrade or add a graphics card in these small form computers in order to improve performance? Might this be a worthwhile upgrade, or is my other hardware going to hold me back more?


2. How can I tell if my hard drive is SSD without opening the box to look? (I don't hear any discs spinning...)


My biggest complaint is that it just takes a long time to load a new scenario. Thanks in advance!


P.S. One other question that's a slightly different topic, I just bought a Saitek/Logitek flight yoke system with throttle quadrant. No instructions came in the box. The power lever works fine, but neither the prop control nor fuel condition lever do anything at all. Do I need to run a separate USB cable for each of these? And what is the function of the rocker switches at the base of each lever?

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According to this, it normally comes with a 500gb HDD 7200 rpm. So no ssd

Look inside to make sure of what's in yours. (disconnect power from wall first.).



according to this there is a PciE videocard slot. (look inside to make sure there really is one.) But choices for better cards are very limited. On room, and the powersupply is weak also. Plus Drivers that work with dell are also hard to find.


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