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missing scenery?

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Did you recently delete a scenery you had added to your Scenery Library, without first removing it from the Library in the required manner? Like right about when the message first appeared? I mean did you just go in and delete the scenery with the Windows Explorer, or whatever you use, rather than going through the normal Scenery Library menu?

That's normally the cause of that message.


Alternatively, if you have FSX:SE, try using the File Check they provide and see if it solves the problem. Do it with FSX NOT running, and once it's done, start up FSX and see if the message is gone.


Otherwise, you need to open the Scenery.cfg file, using NotePad that comes included with Windows ONLY, located in the C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\FSX folder (NOT the one in the main FSX folder!), search through it for entry number 120. Read it, and see what scenery it's calling for, that doesn't exist any longer, or has become corrupted. Put it back into whatever folder you had originally installed it to, and the open the Scenery Library inside the sim. Select Delete Area from the menu, highlight the scenery in question, and click OK.

The sim should rebuild the Scenery Library database when you exit it. The message SHOULD no longer appear when you start the sim.


If entry #120 is one of the default FSX scenerys, you will need to reload it. If you're using FSX:SE. use their File Check utility I mentioned previously. If you're using FSX from the regular install disks, you'll need to reload that particular scenery. You can either search through the disk(s) for it in it's zipped up form, and unzip it manually back into it's proper location as shown in entry #120, or you can run the FSX Repair feature, and see if that fixes the problem.


Let us know how this works out...



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Area 120 refers I think to the main folder ../Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon scenery


This folder is not just a folder that contains your installed scenery's that are each in their own folders.

(These folders have names like:


and have inside them a folder ../scenery

and a folder ../texture

which hold the airport's files.



../Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon scenery is also a scenery folder itself.

It also holds a folder called


and a folder



To start with, folders ../Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon scenery/scenery

and: ../Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon scenery/texture

are empty.


If you delete the folder ../scenery

you will get that error.


(the error basically means:

"there is and area in the scenery library listing, and it's fodler is not there.")


SImple fix:

close FSX

open folder: ../Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon scenery

creat an empty folder in it

and name it




start fsx




Be aware, if the number is different, it is a different folder that has gone missing!!


To prevent these errors always:


-Go to "Scenery Library" in FSX, and remove an aera there first!!

-only after that, remove the folder from the ../Addon Scenery folder.

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