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Level-D 767 equivalent for 757?


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I understand that there's a handful of 757 "full immersion" offerings for FS9.

I've flown the 767PIC/Level-D 767 since they first arrived on the scene, and still love every minute of each flight.

Years ago, I did the merge for POSKY 757's to use the Level-D cockpit and functionality, but I'm ready to have a 757 specific

equivalent to the 767.

With a complete familiarity of the Level-D 767 cockpit and FMC, what 757 sim would be the most logical transition and most intuitive, while still having the same high standards of the Level-D 767?


Thank you very much for any and all advice and comments provided. :)

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I purchased the QualityWings version. It's about 3/4 the way to LEVEL-D quality in terms of systems functionality.

Overall, for the money ($25 USD), it's pretty nice. They did a nice job representing all of the 757 models - which are very nicely done, plenty of available reskins, and a decent representation of the operational systems of the plane.

I'm satisfied. :)


Neil :cool:


PS: also, the added ability to customize the .cfg file based on the info provided in the doc is quite nice.

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I second the emotion as to the Quality Wings product. It looks great, inside the cockpit and out (more or less the equivalent of the Level D 767, perhaps a bit better looking on the outside) and much more importantly, it flies very much like a real 757, allowing for the fact that this is a PC based sim with very simple (even at the high end) flight control hardware.


Level D are said to be in the process of developing a 757 for MSFS, and they reiterated that at last year's FlightSimCon. But nothing is in the offing yet, and the FS world has been awaiting that development for over a decade now, so I would not hold my breath!


If you can tear yourself away from MSFS for a while, as I did, and buy X-Plane 11 you will find an excellent 757 and an excellent 767 for that platform from Flight Factor. Look in the reviews here for a review that I did a year or two ago on the FF767. Both are excellent, and a bit updated as to the graphics compared to the LDS product, although in terms of flight characteristics and systems modelling the LDS still holds up, and is the gold standard. Only with respect to graphics (ie, the appearance of the interior and exterior) does the LDS 767 show its age.


Which makes me ask - if you have indeed successfully mated the LDS flight deck with another 757 that flies at least reasonably well; and if the lash-up works well, why spend more money? The only 757 that looks a bit different up front is the RR powered one, which has the extra engine instruments. The step-down into the 757 cockpit does not need to be modeled! That is about the only other major difference between the two - well, that and a few knobs on the overhead panel.


Tony Vallillo

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Hi Tony,

You answered the question yourself, partially. :)

I wanted to "feel" I was in the 757 cockpit, so those minor differences are exactly what I was after. The money wasn't an object, so I have no issue there. Originally, I was never able to (admit, I have not re-examined the possibility) get the Level-D VC configured with the POSKY planes, so that void was always the major driving factor.

Thanks for the tip on X-Plane 11. In the future, I may investigate that further. It's one of those situations where my entire FS9 in "non-default", and to start on another platform - need the right mindset and energy to get that off the ground :p


One thing, and I'll maybe need to start a separate post, I can't get the QW 757 to recognize rte files created by Level-D. Can't an rte file be used across the board, or are they created in different formats based on the source? Would love in a big way to not have to create all new flights.


Level-D and a 757...thinking that wouldn't make the cut for FS9?


Thanks Tony, appreciate your taking the time to respond :)


Neil :cool:

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