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P3Dv4.2 ATC Chatter


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I have been given the opportunity to try out the new ATC Chatter Beta on P3Dv4.2 and it works great! The program is easy to set up and insert all the airport frequencies you desire. The user interface easily connects to the Flight Sim (P3Dv4.2) with no user set up involvement. Just select which radio you wish to control the ATC Chatter (I use Com2) and dial the frequency you establish for that frequency. En route I change the Frequencies on Com2 corresponding to direction of flight for instance KJFK to KLAX I use the flight centers in direction to my destination.


I highly recommend this add-on for a more realistic Sim Flight across the country.



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So I just read about the app. Correct me if I am wrong but one first downloads the ATC files they wish to hear for their upcoming flight, then place them in the order they want, then in flight they listen to each recording when they select a certain frequency. I'm I getting this right?


Or is ATC automatically selected and played automatically based on my lat/lon? Just looking for clarification.



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From what I've read you can do both, live online or play recorded files offline. What I don't understand is, why not just go to liveatc.net and listen for free?


I also wonder what type of agreement they have with ATC, looking at their terms of use... would this program be in violation of such use?




2) LiveATC.net is for non-commercial (personal) use only - that means you can't use LiveATC.net and the audio streams here for personal gain, financial or otherwise.


3) You can't produce and distribute a dedicated desktop or mobile application designed to make the LiveATC.net Services directly available, without the consent of or a contract with LiveATC.net.

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