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My brief tribute to Flight Sim World


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Evening guys,


While there is a lot to be said about the loss of Flight Sim World, for me personally it and Flight School were major part of my channel back when I had very few views and subscribers.


So I decided to make a small tribute video for Flight Sim World, talking about its origins and where it went. I do hope you enjoy it.

Check out my YouTube Channel for FSX, X-Plane and other simulator content!


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I find FSW a bit slow to load from Menu to Menu, but it does run smoothly once it is going. So much so that I thought I'd support the team and buy an add-on plane. I bought the PIPER Arrow III. As with most planes I buy or download... for FSX I like to customise the dash panel and then add shortcut keys etc. The Piper Arrow won't allow my work and automatically reverts to the original dash when I open it! Not happy with that feature... does anyone know how to get around this. I was not going to buy another plane for this format because of this... now I hear that FSW is being wound down then... ????
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