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Simple GPS gauge


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Hi all,


One of my favorite gauges in earlier FS versions was Chuck Dome's GPS gauge. Basically, all it did was list the waypoint (programmable) with distance and an arrow pointing in the direction of the point. It took up very little space, was very easy to use and seemed to be more appropriate for flying older aircraft, especially bush planes. Unfortunately, it was a FS98 based gauge and doesn't work in FSX.


I was wondering if something like that would be difficult to build in XML for FSX? Has anybody ever tried something similar?



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I don't know what the original gauge was like. What do you mean by 'programmable'?


Do you mean you enter an icao into the gauge while flying, and the arrow then points?


Or do you mean you enter a flightplan and the gauge points to the next waypoint each time you pass one?

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