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Problem with Alphasim B-24 repaint not showing


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I havs a problem with an Alphasim B-24 repaint not showing--it shows grey and untextured overall.


The texture folder is named texture.J_1 and it is an aircraft with no 532 on the nose, girl nose art both nose sides, named NIGHT MISSION.


Do you have the same problem with it or is yours showing ok?


I do not know what to do to fix the issue.


I do not know what the name of the repaint zip file is (if you do, please tell me what it is).


Any help please?

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Your basic problem is that your B-24's model (MDL) file is calling for texture.bmp files which it cannot find.


You say that it's (only) the repaint which does not show up correctly and if so, you should already have one or more other texture folders for this plane, which I must assume, do work and show up correctly. You should therefore check the contents of your "texture.J_1" folder against any of your other correctly working B-24 texture folder(s). All the different texture.bmp file names should be exactly the same in all texture folders for this plane. If not then your new paint texture.bmp files will never be compatable with your model (MDL) file.

Also check that the texture folder name (J_1) is specified correctly in your aircraft.cfg file.


I hope this helps.




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