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spotting a bordeaux 2

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Nice. Kinda brings a tear to my eye as I'll never be able to do that. They say if you have a job you love you'll never work again. For me that would be flying a 737. But I'll fly what ever I can get. In the U.S. the current FAR forbids me from flying do to a medical issue I have which is kinda a messed up situation. But even if I could fly I'm color blind. Well, it's more green red like. There's a name for it. I hear there's also a signals test? And you get one shot at that. That I may be able to pass. I have no trouble seeing and using the PAPI, etc in the Sim though. I do wear corrective lenses though.


I saw someone gave you a thumbs down so I logged in, commented and gave a thumbs up. Some people...


Question: Did you have a scanner on hand while spotting or were you using a website like ADS-B Exchange to see what the aircraft were?

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