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With ADE. (airport Design Editor).


At the top in ADE is a menu bar. I think Comms is in the 'Lists' menu. In 'Comms' you can add a tower frequency and ground frequency and such.


You can also use ADE to add buildings, taxiways, runways, ILS, VOR's, etc, or to change existing things on the airport.


With ADE you basically make an addon airport. Based on the default airport. You save your creation separately. You don't overwrite the original.

You then install it just like you would any addon airport.


I say saving, but you actually 'compile' it. ADE can save in it's own format. But to install and see your creation you need to 'compile' it as a .bgl file.


To use ADE to compile you need to have the Fsx-SDK installed. Best to do that install before installing ADE.

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Which airport would you like Comms and what Comms would you like? I can add it with AFX and if necessary create the Editvoicepackx sound files so that you can hear the airport name rather than the ICAO identifier. You'll need EditVoicepackx though to upload and change the default audio. I highly recommend Editvoicepackx if you use lots of AI aircraft. Speaking of which. If you do use lots of AI, I would make it a habit that every airport you intend on flying to you try and find it here in the library so that it has enough accompanying parking to handle AI. If the airport doesn't exist then you'll have to add parking with AFX or ADE. Note, you can't edit an ADE airport with AFX and vice versa otherwise the whole BGL will be corrupt. Many authors use ADE, I couldn't get it to work on my last install of Windows. I recently reinstalled Windows so I may try again. The bglcomp file needed with the sdk is on the FSX disk, but I think that's only for FSX Deluxe and above. Can't remember.
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