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AI Flight plans in the AddonScenery/Scenery folder


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I have often wondered how do some ai Traffic files go in the AddonScenery/Scenery folder and they are read by the sim and they work.

I tried putting a traffic file in there and it wasn't read, I moved it to the normal Scenery/World/Scenery and it worked, which as you all know that is the normal place to put them.

So what is the trick to these other traffic files in the AddonScenery/Scenery folder?



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Ah, you've just discovered a neat trick! I keep all my WOAI and my typical modern traffic files in Scenery folde r, but I keep all my military RAF traffic bgls in three AddOn Scenery folders, RAF 2000, RAF WW2 and RAF 1982. When I'm flying civillian planes they are all unticked. But I can tick one of them depending on the plane I am flying and the period I want to fly in. Its very cool and it works!

- Paul Elliott


Come and follow my recreation of this historic light here: HERE

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I just tried it. I created a folder then put the sub folders in, activated it then I placed a traffic file in there as a test.

Yes! it worked, I fancy the idea like above of splitting the traffic files up and having their own folders, Civil, Mil that kind of thing.



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AI traffic is "scenery" and will work in any valid and activated scenery folder; I keep mine in several differently named folders also: Civilian, military, WOAI, Ultimate Traffic and the inevitable "test" folder.


...which also suggests a safe, effective, and non-destructive way to stop default traffic from showing: put it in its own folder and deactivate it - you can have it back almost instantly if you change your mind.



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Hi Col,


A gentle jab in the ribs........:)


If you read the last PM I sent you in reply to your PM regarding using a scenery location outside of the sim you would have noted that I use a similar system to that described by Loyd in post #6....


Happy flyin'.....:cool:




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