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In Antarctica (part 9)

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Only I flew to Antarctica, as the Chief of the Antarctic Station approached me and said that it was urgent to send the cargo to the Soviet station.

- Where is it? I asked.

- Over there. replied the chief and waved his hand.

I looked in the direction where the chief waved his hand, but I did not see anything except snow, ice and rocks.

"Is this far?"

"No, not far, seven hundred miles."

"So you can deliver a load on foot." I joked sadly.

"You can walk." - joyfully joked chief.

"Does the map have anywhere to fly?"

- Yes there is, - the chief lowered his eyes and handed me a scrap of paper - only it is Soviet.

I looked at the map,




then looked up at the chief

"Well, and where are we?"

"Here," the chief muttered, tapped his finger at the map.




"And where to go?" I asked again.

"Here," the chief replied, and again fingered the map.




- OK. And on what to fly?

- On DC-3.

- Well, I flew?

- Yes, let's fly. They are waiting.


And I went sadly to the plane ...


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