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Do you launch from and trap on carriers?


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]I was wondering if any of you do carrier ops as the title describes.


I do it all the time in fs9 and have about 250 traps, 50 launches, 3 bolters. I use Barendregt's Barendregt gauges, placing 2 gauges in the 2d panel of a navy a/c, which launch me and trap me anywhere--even on land.

I plan to upload a file with a tutorial and what to get.


FS2004 (ACOF) - Misc.


[ Download | View ]


Name: rcbco-20.zip

Size: 1,519,652 Date: 01-04-2005 Downloads: 18,924


FS2004 Carrier Operation Package v2.0. This archive contains a set of gauges, effects and sounds which you can add to existing military aircraft in FS2004, and enables you to perform takeoff and approach/landing on aircraft carriers. It features (1) A catapult gauge, enabling a catapult-launch takeoff; (2) An arrester gauge, enabling a cable trap landing; (3) A "meatball" HUD gauge, enabling accurate approaches and landings; (4) A SonicBoom effect (visual and audible) plus controller gauge. Includes extensive installation/usage documentation, with examples for several very popular aircraft. V2.0 of this package contains a large number of additions, like catapult/arrester zones and a revised HUD. By Rob Barendregt and Doug Dawson, with special input from Nick Needham. (Previous version had 5186 downloads.)


An example is below--the panel.cfg of of ffly_nf1.zip--a Fairey Firefly:










window_size= 1.000, 1.000

window_pos= 0.000, 0.000


gauge00=p47d!attitude, 345,418,90,97

gauge01=P47d!Heading_Indicator, 367,311,71,87

gauge02=p47d!tachometer, 561,414,77,72

gauge03=p47d!engine_temperature, 273,509,79,81

gauge04=p47d!thrust_controls, -6,472,98,130

gauge05=p47d!starter, 93,564,30,35

gauge06=f4u1a_corsair!Clock, 292,468,38,36

gauge07=f4u1a_corsair!Airspeed, 450,396,109,102

gauge08=f4u1a_corsair!Altimeter, 171,412,72,71

gauge09=f4u1a_corsair!Vertical_Speed, 256,385,85,84

gauge10=f4u1a_corsair!CHT, 184,501,79,77

gauge11=f4u1a_corsair!Carb_Heat, 180,488,15,18

gauge12=f4u1a_corsair!Fuel_Pressure, 639,507,51,47

gauge13=f4u1a_corsair!Flaps, 735,528,46,80

gauge14=f4u1a_corsair!Fuel_Quantity, 640, 557 ,53,45

gauge15=f4u1a_corsair!Fuel_Selector, 559,539,63,56

gauge16=f4u1a_corsair!Ignition, 128,556,47,46

gauge17=f4u1a_corsair!Hydraulic_Pressure_Warning, 342,572,17,18

gauge18=f4u1a_corsair!Hydraulic_Pressure, 688,490,43,40

gauge19=f4u1a_corsair!Manifold_Pressure, 459,513,85,78

gauge20=f4u1a_corsair!Tail_Gear, 696,537,37,65

gauge21=boeing777-300!Avionics Display Toggle, 181,579,18

gauge22=f6f3_hellcat!Landing_Gear, 103,480,77,71

gauge23=f4u1a_corsair!Oil_Pressure, 579,486,52,51

gauge24=f4f4_wildcat!Low-Fuel-Warning, 548,502,10,9

gauge25=hurricane_1!Boost_Pressure, 637,457,53,49

gauge26=Cessna!DME, 369,2,70,23

gauge27=Cessna!Heading_Indicator, 354,509,91,90

gauge28=dsd_arrester!arrester, 440,379,22,19

gauge29=dsd_catapult!catapult, 341,379,22,19

gauge30=PkBrk1_T!BrakeSw1, 308,365,16,13

gauge31=SimIcons1024!ATC Icon, 443,520,19,19

gauge32=SimIcons1024!Compass Icon, 245,577,19,19

gauge33=SimIcons1024!GPS Icon, 202,578,19,19

gauge34=SimIcons1024!Kneeboard Icon, 443,497,19,19

gauge35=SimIcons1024!Map Icon, 223,577,20,19

gauge36=SimIcons1024!Overhead Icon, 129,452,36,23


The two gauges in red are the ones that do it. The catapult gauges set to ARM with parking brake set, full thottle, release brake and off you are catapulted with a bang!!!


The dsd_arrester!arrester gauge makes you trap and stop in 30 feet or less on the carrier: gear and hook must be down (then the light on the gauge turns green) and you trap--you can even trap half way down the deck, it will stop you anywhere--and works or land airfields too or on country areas past the airport.


To facilitate traps on carriers, I open the GPS and zoom to the green ILS feather, about 2-3 miles behind the carrier, and minimze the GPS to a corner, so I can see and alternate views and zooms till I am close enough to land visually on the deck. Then I check for lineup and slam down and stop. Hook comes up, I set parking brake, and then taxi to a parking spot on deck.



A good carrier to use for starters is:


FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Scenery

FS2004 Scenery--Big E AI Enhancement

[ Download | View ]


Name: bige_ai.zip

Size: 1,753,471 Date: 09-15-2005 Downloads: 2,997


FS2004 Big E AI Enhancement. An enhancement for the Alphasim Big "E" USS Enterprise carrier scenery package. It adds AFCAD2 files for FS2004 "Go to Airport" entries, all navaids, AI parking, AI flights and working "carrier trapping" AI aircraft configurations. By Robert A. Baum.


If you search for 'USS ENTERPRISE BAUM" you will find many of his Enterprise stuff--


One of my tricks is to save a flight with the default C172--take off from the stern with full power and you will be up before the deck ends--turn 180 and head to 4-5 miles behind the ship, turn 180 to have the boat on your nose again, pause flight and save it as


CVN-65 ALPHA ENTERPRISE Trap English Channel.FLT (or whatever the location is other than the English Channel)[/size][/size]


Then you simply open the flight and change to a naval aircraft.


For launch you save another flight with the C172 parked on a cat--paused:


CVN-65 ALPHA ENTERPRISE Launch English Channel.FLT


Then you load the flight and substitute a naval aircraft and launch--set parking brake, full throttle, ARM cat gauge, release brake and off you are.


NOTE THAT ALL OF THE ABOVE WORKS IN EASY SETTINGS--hard settings will make you crash...


Will post screenshots here later of launch and trap.[/b][/size]

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I trap and launch all the time. In GW3, my favorite is flying a SNJ out of Glenview NAS out to the USS Wolverine in lake Michigan to land and then launch to land back at Glenview. I will use the F4F or SB2U as well.


Also, I using Paul Clawson's Carrier Division One and Two for pre-WW2 US Navy I can use he USS Lexington, CV-2 or USS Saratoga, CV-3. I like to fly the navy planes of the "Yellow Wings" era.


Although I do fly some jets, the Alpha F-8 being my preferred plane, I would much prefer to fly props. Now Korean war vintage AD Skyraiders are fun too.

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That is very nice.


I will try flight out of Glenview. Is the USS WOLVERINE part of the default scenery or addon scenery--does it have an ICAO code so I can find it? Never heard of that carrier.


What do you use to launch and trap--same gauges as I use, or what?



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