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Cannot Find Multiple Objects After HD Failure

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Hello everyone!


I am running FSX and had a hard drive failure. We were able to recover everything from the old sim and went through re-installing it all. Upon loading, none of the MAIW traffic was functional. We did all the usual fixes such as adjusting the traffic slider and making sure there were no FS9 traffic files in there. Nothing worked, so I re-downloaded. Installed as instructed on MAIW site, just like before, and everything shows up! Except now I get the duplicate SimObject error when booting up the sim. For every single MAIW aircraft. Note: I did not get any folder override questions when installing.


Went through the aircraft.cfg files of the new MAIW's, no duplicates anywhere. Also checked the SimObjects folder for duplicate folders but found nothing. However, if I change the title name in the aircraft.cfg, the duplicate error goes away.


This is causing a problem because when repainting these AI aircraft (to add small details, like names), the repainted aircraft do not show up, only the default texture is shown. I am using FSRepaint, and the changed title name is the one I am editing. I understand that if you change the title, then the aircraft won't show up because it won't be called out in the traffic file. But I am unable to find the duplicates. Any help or ideas would be appreciated!

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It sounds like there are in fact duplicate aircraft folders in your FSX folder. They may be hidden. That's all I can think of. Is this a new HDD?


Try this once. Download and install Everything.exe from Void tools. Now search for a specific MAIW aircraft folder. See what it shows. Try going into the Windows control panel and into folder options and show hidden folders and files and show protected folders and files. Everything.exe doesn't need that option as I have found, but it may be necessary for protected files.



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