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Frustrated w/ FMC


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So i bought a subscription to navigraph to update my nav data, and while generating a flight plan using simbrief, it gives me the routing, but when i go into the routes page and put everything in, it says the airways don't exist. idk if my nav data updated wrong or what.
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What's the plane.

What's the route.

Does the Navigraph FMS manager recognize the plane.

Are both the plane and Simbrief on the same AIRAC cycle.


I'm using the Boeing 737-800NG in FSX, and I selected B737-800 in SimBrief. (Not sure if the NG makes a difference)


The route is BSV KEATN6


I believe Navigraph recognizes the plane because the option to updata "PMDG (all products)" appears.


Yes, they are both running 1803


When I'm setting up for departure at Pittsburgh, its only giving me one SID.

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