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Ai plane look empty


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Check your AI aircraft folders.

Each folder must have at least one model file, one or more texture folders, an aircraft.cfg file and an AIR file. Your untextured AI aircraft problem is caused by missing or incorrectly named texture folders which the model file needs for correctly displaying your AI aircraft.

Each "texture=" entry in the aircraft.cfg file must contain the exact texture name after the "=".

E.g. texture=ABCDEF.

In this case there must be a separate texture folder named ABCDEF present in your aircraft folder and which contains the correct textures required by the model file.

In your posted picture there are some correctly textured AI aircraft visible in the background. I would want to suggest that you compare the folder contents of one of those with the folder contents of your problem AI aircraft.

Good luck


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hjwalter above gave good advice, do as he says and look in another aircraft folder that you know the aircraft is working and see how the files are located and their names.

It looks like you installed these ai manually, you will probably find the texture folder/s inside another folder of the aircraft.

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