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FS9 Freeflow (Redux) Mobile, Alabama scenery works in FSX!!!!


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I used to use the Freeflow scenery in FS9 when I moved to Mobile and have been missing the local flavor in FSX. Just had a thought to try it while tinkering with FS9 today and it works! The bonus is that it doesn't bring this new computer to it's knees like it did on my old one. The only problem was the Southeast Trees Library BGL in it. Remove that and it's like coming home again! It's nice to fly over the bay and see the USS Alabama and the USS Drum, the AfricaTown bridge and the civic center downtown. I haven't tried any other Freeflow scenery in FSX, but I may experiment later.

Did any or everybody know about this and I just blundered into it? In my defense, I have been out of flightsimming for several years.

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