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Cessna style TPM project


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Maybe not the right forum to post this but thought people looking for a TPM would be looking here.


Wanted to post this since I know many of you are looking for the Saitek TPM like I have been and if you find one it is pricy. So thanks to Desktop Aviator (Big thanks to Bobby) for making the throttle assembly I made this project. Sure it isn't just like the real thing as the knobs are not just like each of them and they don't lock but at least we have something now that gives you a similar feel.

All of these things can be bought online too!

I made just the throttle/mixture (pictured) as that is what I am used to but since the front and back panels (not pictured yet) can be swapped I just put the three holes in it for the throttle/prop/mix if I ever want it just add the prop assembly and move the panel to the front.

I am going to attach it to the top of my trim wheel since I have it facing forward and can use the top of that bracket to secure it.


Let me if you have any questions or share your thoughts.






Cessna style TPM pic 1.jpg

Cessna style TPM pic 2.jpg

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Sorry that I had to take down the video as I showed this to help everyone else looking for an option for the TPM, but I had also shared my idea with the company where I bought the push pull parts which is all they were selling at the time not the entire unit. Then I find out they started making and selling what was my idea but I let that slide. Then I noticed they were using my video without my permission so I have taken it down. I know I may not have any legal rights but I am the type of guy who does the right thing and I think any legitimate company should do the same.

If you are just a private individual like me that was trying to make something and show others what they can do to improve the hobby send me a message and I will gladly let you have access to my video.


Thank you


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