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Downloading to External Drive

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Having issue with Drive (Not Responding)

I was searching aircraft.cfg in the download section FS 2004 Jetliners for Weight and Balance information. I was trying to copy and paste an aircraft.cfg file from the View. Didn't realize that it was a payware aircraft.

I have been on Flightsim for many many years and never tried to get something for free or violate and copy right items.


Ever since that day when I try to download or open files to extract in my G: Drive it freezes with Not Responding. I have more than ample space. Is this something within flightsim.com or perhaps something corrupted my G:\ when I tried to paste the text file.

The aircraft was EMB-190 don't remember the payware aircraft at the moment.


Sincere apologies, will pay more attention.


R/Jeff Hildreth

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