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Pilot2atc. Anyone used it?


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Well, the good news is that if you like Pilot2ATC it works with all flight sims. I am currently using it with X-Plane 11 and P3D v4. As a flight planning tool and for in-flight moving map display, I really like it. It does something I have not seen in other programs in that is will display SID's and STAR's visually so you can click on and select the one you want. Is it the most realistic way to flight plan? Probably not, but its pretty slick.


Now for the ATC portion. It rocks, when it works. Its much better than the built in P3D ATC and WAY better than the X-Plane built in ATC, which sucks. The down side is that you much configure Windows Speech Recognition completely, thoroughly and accurately for it to work. Even then, you will need to print out the conversation sheet that shows the expected patterns of conversation. Mess up a response, start over. That gets frustrating quickly.


All in all, I use Pilot2ATC for every flight for planning and moving map, sometimes ATC if I am not on VATSIM. If you are looking for a strictly moving map program than maybe take a look at FSTramp.

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