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New VA Club open


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New Flying Club is starting it is American Fly Boys at this club you may fly any aircraft you want and any airline you want, we don`t have set flight Schedules you may fly from GA up to Miltary Aircraft you like we have our own flight Sim server using FShost it support FS2004, FSX, FSXSE and P3D for X-plane user I don`t know were to host a severs for that game yet but you may use vatsim for X-plane, FSX, FSXSE, and P3D if you want some ATC. We have our own TS and Disco. The URL is http://americanflyboys.org You are not req to do flight twice a month you may do flight when ever you want you wont be boot out the club. we are lay back club we just want you all to just have Fun and enjoy flight Sim what it is.







Eric Maresh


American fly Boys

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