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Another installing question fs and w10


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Hello again

I am having numerous problems trying to get fs2004 running in windows 10 and I don't think it's a windows 10 problem but an incompetence problem by yours truly.

Iam just wondering.....if I were to install a new copy of fs9 onto my new pc and then rather than copy my whole backed up version would it be possible to manually copy over just the critical files that I need to get flightsim running correctly. If that is possible which files from my backed up version would I need to copy for the sim to work correctly.



Sorry about all these posts but I have spent the best part of three days getting very tired and eyestrained just trying to get the sim and my utilities working together and correctly.

The irony is the sim flies well and looks even better than ever on my new pc ,but I simply can't get my useful utilities to find fs9 and work.


Thanks Andrew

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