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Beaufighter on The Beginning of a Night Patrol, August 1940!

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Yes! Thanks! I follow the apparition of WW2 fighters on the vault on that site and I put them in action. I had a site about the French Air Force in May 1940, with CFS1 and I pretty know the epoch, and that's why I think I'm relatively good at that ;) That one is a little late as she was delivered to the RAF Fighter Command by Sept. 1940 like a multi-role aircraft, of which a night fighter among others
Gérard Guichard, Dijon, Burgundy, France. i5 Intel processor, 4 Go of Ram, Nvidia GeForce 920MX, DirectX 12.0, and FSX Gold Edition with SP1, SP2. My personal flightsim website is at http://flightlessons.6te.net
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