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Best flight planner to export .pln files to FS9?


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I'm looking for an external flight planner that will allow me to save the plan as a .pln file to view in the default flight planner. What are the best options? Freeware or payware. I would look at the freeware options first then see if going to payware may be worth it.
Mark Daniels
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No worries. Fsbuild is good. I used it many moons ago. Not sure if it needs updating?


FSBuild now uses the Navigraph/Aerosoft AIRAC and works very well. Unless you have visions of being a professional dispatcher and want all the features that PFPX provides in the way of weights, measures, fuel, and weather outputs it is entirely adequate. FSB interfaces with any of the Active Sky weather programs for winds aloft and does basic fuel computations for a number of common aircraft. I've used it since the earliest versions and never felt any compulsion to change, although I go to SIMBRIEF to output some of the newer flight plan formats and to validate FSB outputs...



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