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Project Magenta questions

Guest Simran737

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Guest Simran737



If you use PM, 2 questions.


1st, my pmsounds window disappeared again. prob due to redoing display fonts or something. PM told me once before to try Ctrl+R or Ctrl +shift + R to get it back into view. I can't fig out again how to bring it back. I did it last time but forgot how to use Ctrl +R. Does anyone know how to re-position the little windows of anything when they move out of edge of monitor view?


2nd, if anyone is familiar with the engine display view it can have the flaps position displayed on a little vertical scale. My engine page had it now its gone. I do get the gear down display and 737 controls text along with the fuel and N1 etc. Any ideas how to get the flaps to show again?




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