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WestWind Virtual Airlines Changes Mission Statement


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Press release -- Denver, Colorado, January 4, 2018


WestWind Airlines announced that it is changing it Mission Statement. The new Mission Statement is:


WestWind Airlines exists to make flight simulation fun by providing an environment mirroring a real world

aviation community. Pilots have opportunities to learn and experience professional aviation skills. We provide

established Cargo, Charter, and Passenger routes, yet allow our pilots to fly where and when they want. We offer

liveries, hub sceneries and try to support multiple simulator options.


With the changes that has been occurring over the last two years, the Virtual Airline and what it represents is also

changing. Being a premier Virtual Airline for twenty-one (21) years, we felt we needed to change to address

what we think are our strengths. We want to offer a fun environment for our pilots, as well as attract new ones.


We offer any interested pilot the ability to make it as real as you want. We also want to welcome any pilot regardless

of level. A real world aviation community supports anyone who wants to fly in their opportunities to learn, enjoy, and

thrive. Our structure is well established and we have a great pilot base. We want to keep it fun above all else.


Come and check out the airline at www.flywestwind.com

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