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Need Ideas on How to Brighten Up the Colors


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Hi all:

I am basically satisfied with how my scenery looks in FSX. However, to me, the colors seem a bit washed out and I'm looking for ideas on how to brighten them up.

My rig:

I7 4820 @ 4.5

NVidia GTX Titan

16 gig

dedicated HD for FSX

40 in 1080 HD TV running at 19 x 10 and 60 hx


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Google for either ENB Series or SweetFX.

There are tutorials, screenshots and even videos available so you can see what can be done and how that stuff works.

Both require some time for achieving the right balance between image quality and performance but changes are very impressive (contrast, saturation, vibrance, etc).

Best of all, both are free.


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Hey Silverheels, somebody just asked the same question in another thread, is he your twin brother?..;)

Check it-



Yes, my bad. When I first tried to post this question my browser put up a page saying "This page not available". I then backspaced to the post page and it looked like the post was lost. So I did it again and to my horror saw two posts. Then I edited the second one and apologized for the screw up and I thought that one posted ok. Guess not. There does seem to be an issue here tho because I see other duplicate posts.

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That's weird, the other thread seems to have vanished, maybe a mod waved his magic wand and deleted it because it was a duplicate. That's a pity because it contained possible solutions to your colour problem.

No sweat, here's what I said in it-


Open your NVidia panel like this and click the 'Use Nvidia settings' button (arrowed).

Then move the 'Digital vibrance slider' (circled) to the right to increase your colours.

You can also juggle the other sliders to improve the picture if you want.

Click 'Apply' and you're away..:)



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If you want a simple way, try downloading this ENB:



Just unzip it and copy all contents into your fsx folder. Press Shift+F12 to activate or deactivate. The sky may seem a little bright at first, but I got used to it.









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Hey silver,

I, too, posted earlier but it must have been to the other thread. In it I suggested that the problem with the drab appearance might be due to the window tint effect that some aircraft have. If the colors look okay in an outside view but not from the cockpit that is the problem. This often can be corrected but it's done on a case by case basis; no blanket fix for all aircraft. If the tint is in a texture file, that often can be easily edited. If it's in the model it's somewhat more involved but still possible.

Jim F.

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Good, and when you exit FSX don't forget to reset the sliders if the colours are too strong for surfing or video watching etc.

Incidentally notice the "Other applications control colour settings" button in my earlier screenshot, when I click it the whole screen becomes very bright, you might want to try it to see if you like it because it's simpler than using the sliders. I don't know what it's for, or what the "other applications" are, can anybody explain?


PS- another way to adjust Brightness/Contrast/Gamma/Colours etc is to use the buttons on the monitor, but it's a bit fiddly.

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