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Casper and his Cardinal


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It works great in P3Dv4.1. I have even uninstalled FSX, P3Dv4.1 Has it beat hands down. Smoother and better frame rates with every thing almost pegged.


SLE 1.jpg


SLE 2.jpg


SLE 3.jpg


SLE 4.jpg


SLE 5.jpg


SLE 6.jpg


SLE 7.jpg


SLE 8.jpg


Next ones with have the new SkyForce3D for weather. These where with ASP4.

P3Dv4.5, nothing but Gigs of ORBX, REX 4 TD, REX WW Airports HD, SkyForce 3D, ASP4. I7 8700 CPU Liquid Cooled, 32g 3200 mem, GTX 1080ti on an ASUS Prime Z370-A Motherboard with Win 10. Goflight GF166A VRP, 2 X RP48, GF-T8. CH Pro Yoke and Pedals.
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