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Strange ADE behaviour. Extra copy of airport in /scenery/world/scenery


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I saw strange ADE behaviour.

Without of asking, It saved a copy of airports in scenery/world/scenery.


Fsx acceleration (gold edition pack.)

Win7-64 bit Home Premium.

ADE version 1.76 (have to look up numbers after that. It tries to update ok, so I assume latest version.)



I created a new airport. FA2L south Africa.

Did not already exist in fsx.


When saving as ad4 and when compiling as .bgl I made files go to the Desktop. (not in folder there. And not straight to the FS folder.)


(at first Ade would not compile, but managed to fix that. I had "fs2004 voicepack Sdk" installed. After removing, and reinstalling MSXML4, ADE compile again.)


ok. I compiled to desktop. Then on desktop created folder. Example: "FA2L Ladismith v1" with folders 'scenery' and 'texture'.


Then I put that into /addon scenery. And activated in fsx.


All seemed fine. I could 'go to airport'. It showed as expected.


Now the issue. I created several versions. And started a fresh one a few times to adjust location. (no prokey)

i was always very careful to remove the old version using the library before activating a new one.


Then i noticed the glitch. I was testing FA2L_v12, when looking around the area, i say another FA2L. Pink circle only.


I zoomed in on it and dragged the aircraft there. Closed map. In fs there was nothing there. Just rocks and bushes. No airport.


I removed al FA2L versions from the scenery library. Then closed fs and deleted all my FA2L folders from /addon scenery.

I searched /Addon scenery for FA2L but found nothing.

Nothing in Addon scenery/scenery either.


I checked in fsx again. No fa2l in airport selection any more. But... still the FA2L circles on the map. While no actual airport at that spot.


Eventually i searched the whole FS folder and found four versions of my FA2L in scenery/world/scenery.


No idea why. I did not put them there.

Maybe Ade. Maybe Win or fsx while activating in the library. (or when disabling one and activating another in one go.)


As it was only 4 versions, not all 12...

Could this have happened because in some airports i tried to adjust the coordinates?

I have no prokey. Some airports were in the wrong place. I adjusted coordinates in airport properties. The new coordinates seemed to stick and save. But the airport was not moved.

(thoug it seemed as if there were now two airport locatins in one file???)


i'll try to add more info, like exact ade version, later.


After removing the 4 files the airport was gone.

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Yes! that was it, thanks!


I don't think I ever had such a file before.

I did indeed now change the altitude of he airports. First time for me.

Got them elevation to match better using that.


Still seems strange that after disabling/removing the airports from scenery library the location stays visible in Map. (probably gps too.) Even though no airport is actually visible there while flying.

I would not expect it to still be in Map. But maybe that's normal too.



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