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Freezing Lakes and Rivers in Canada

Roger Wensley

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Has anyone had a problem with my freezing Canada's lakes and rivers scenery posts from way back in 2010 and 2011? A recent down-loader emailed me to say it didn't work for him. This is the first person to contact me about a problem, and it is difficult to see how he could have installed it wrongly (the only requirement is to have it above Ultimate Terrain in the scenery library priority) and equally difficult to imagine why or how it could refuse to function (it is either ticked as active in the scenery library list or un-ticked as inactive, there are no other adjustments that can be made). In the notes I point out that I found some areas of fs9 that resisted "freezing" such as along 65 degrees north, but as far as I could see 95% of it worked ok. The way I made it is the same as that used by Holger Sandmann in his frozen lakes areas of Alaska and BC, and in fact it was from Holger that I found out how to make it. Any ideas?
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