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How can I swap out AI Traffic for USAirways liveries for American Airlines


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Has anyone found an easy answer?..........I hate flying into hubs like PHL,PHX,CLT just to name a few and still see USAir aircraft at the gates. I mean this has been how years now?. When Continental and United merged the changes occurred as well as Northwest and Delta. Any help for a novice would be appreciated.



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Assuming that you want to modify the UT2 aircraft.......


Two options spring to mind:


Option 1 - Search for repaints specifically made for the UT2 models and install as per the UT2 documentation.


Option 2 - Search for replacement non UT2 models that have the required repaint texture(s). You will need to download the required base model and repaint textures and install them into FSX before making some simple changes to the aircraft.cfg (so that they can be recognised by the UT2 flightplan engine) before installing into UT2. There is, however, an issue that can occasionaly occur with using some non UT2 native models, details of which can be found in the linked page.


See the following links for some info on these options......


UT forum - you will need to register to use the website proper but you can read the info contained in the link without registering - LINK


AVSIM UT forum - look for the info posted by user named YELLOWJACK - LINK




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