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Spokane to Monterey in the 390 Premier 1A


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This is a flight taken back in June from Spokane, WA to Monterey, CA in the Carenado 390 Premier 1A. Scenery is ORBX, weather is REX OD, and the livery was obtained over at AVSIM.


Today's charter flight will take a group of business executives to a management retreat in Carmel.



Here's the jet parked at the Terminal building loading passengers.

Shot 1.jpg



Flight plan entered into the FMS. An average flight ground speed of 400 kts was entered giving an estimated flight time of 1 hour 44 minutes for the 696 nm distance.

Shot 2.jpg



While entering the flight plan Rusty, my co-pilot, was estimating the payload weight while everyone was loading. He was kind of bummed out to learn he was the heaviest person on board.

Shot 3.jpg



Our passengers brought a little more luggage than expected. To keep gross weight down, 70% of our fuel capacity was loaded this morning to account for anticipated passenger and baggage weight. However, the plane will be a little overweight but within limits for takeoff.

Shot 4.jpg



Switching fasten seat belts alert, no smoking alert, and beacon light on in preparation of engine start.

Shot 5.jpg



Starting left engine while monitoring engine data on the MDF. We have been cleared for taxi to runway 3L.

Shot 6.jpg



Both engines running. Switching generators, avionics, pressurization, etc. to their on/normal position.

Shot 7.jpg



Airport Ground Services is pushing back the aircraft for us. Thanks guys.

Shot 8.jpg



Taxing to runway 3L. Good to see another fellow aviator out this morning. Beautiful day for flying.

Shot 9.jpg



Holding short at runway 3L. An Aero Commander 500S is getting ready for takeoff.

Shot 10.jpg




More pictures in the reply. Uploading pictures has become a very slow process one at a time.

I am a King Air fan. [sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]
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Great shots! Really like the added context for each photo (poor Rusty, haha!)



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Ok, here's some more of the flight.



My turn. One last check of the systems. Flaps set one notch and Landing lights on. Everything is good to go. Advancing throttles.

Shot 11.jpg



Gear going up.

Shot 12.jpg



Turning to intercept our flight plan and first waypoint heading. Goodbye Spokane.

Shot 13.jpg



Breaking though the cloud cover as we climb to FL41 (the service ceiling of the Premier 1A).

Shot 14.jpg



Getting close to FL41. Checking fuel usage numbers shows we are not overweight now but as we climb fuel consummation is quite high and the estimated fuel required to get to KMRY is above what's available. Well, that's a temporary condition.

Shot 15.jpg



FL41. Took about 22 minutes to achieve this altitude. We are up here with the "big boys" cruising at 437 knots. You can see our vapor trail back there.

Shot 16.jpg



Rusty was watching the ITT numbers as we climbed and was concern the temps were getting too high. He checked the engine spec sheets and found 805 degrees Max continuous was acceptable. However, I backed off the throttles to get the values under 770. Didn't need to over stress those engines and get the boss excited.

Shot 17.jpg



A view of Mt Shasta from the cabin. Still an impressive "bump" in the terrain from 41,000 ft.

Shot 18.jpg



Passing over Chico. The Premier 1A has some nice looking lines.

Shot 19.jpg



We are nearing the bay area and will be leaving FL41. Distance to Monterey is 166 nm; about 24 minutes away. Total flight time will be pretty close to the estimated 1 hour 44 minutes.

Shot 20.jpg




Well, I got five more pictures coming in the last reply.

I am a King Air fan. [sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]
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Last five shots.



Approaching San Francisco and the greater bay area. You can see KSFO down there just ahead of the plane. NorCal Approach has me busy spotting planes. Traffic is pretty heavy around here.

Shot 21.jpg



Coming up on Santa Cruz. The Monterey Bay is just ahead. Preparing for an ILS approach to 10R.

Shot 22.jpg



On final to 10R and passing over the Monterey Bay wharf area. We were number 2 following a United flight.

Shot 23.jpg



Rusty deployed the Lift Dump System after we touched down.

Shot 24.jpg



Parked at the Monterey Jet Center and flight plan closed. We have another charter late this afternoon going to Palm Springs. Rusty and I are heading over to the wharf for lunch.

Shot 25.jpg





Hope you enjoyed the flight.



I am a King Air fan. [sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]
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