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Toadal Airlines is recruiting pilots


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Toadal Airlines is a VIRTUAL airline that started September 2013. Our hub is Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC) and we currently fly the Boeing 737-800 on "Mid Leap" routes.

The reason for creating Toadal Airlines was to give an option of a virtual airline that resembles a real world airline by having a finite number of resources (Aircraft, money...) flying a reasonable number routes (10-12 hours of scheduled flights per aircraft) in simulated air traffic control (VATSIM Network).

Toadal requires pilots to fly only the aircrafts offered from the destination they were last flown to. We use VAFS to keep track of all flight results and finances. This includes our cost to operate aircraft, wages to pilots, and revenue created with each flight. Pilot activity is based on the pilot's net income the aircraft we fly are not cheap so each pilot has his/her share of the bills. All of Toadal's flights will be made on the VATSIM network under the call sign FRGXXX "FROGGER".


Come check us out.



Any questions please E-Mail


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