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Undefined Carrier Routes in Accelleration


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I've decompiled the Acceleration default trafficCarriers.bgl file to reveal the BoatsCarriers.txt, PlansCarriers.txt, and the RoutesCarriers.kml files.


The RoutesCarriers.kml file when opened in Google Earth reveals 10 carrier routes. (900 - 909). But, of these 10 routes, only 4 (902, 904, 906 and 907) are defined in the PlansCarriers.txt file.


Is this normal? Are the undefined routes not being used?


901 is the same as 907 (Everett WA to San Francisco CA)


902 and 908 appear to be the same (San Francisco to San Diego CA)


903 and 909 appear to be the same (San Diego CA to Oahu HI).


905 appears unique to the San Francisco Bay and 900 is the Pugent Sound to LaPerouse Bank rouyte.


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Hi Winter,

To the best of my knowledge these are the carrier routes:

Route Departure Arrival


NS Norfolk Tue 07:35z NS Norfolk Wed 05:24z

NS Norfolk Fri 19:35z NS Norfolk Sat 17:24




Pearl Tue 14:40z Pearl Fri 02:56z

Pearl Mon 02:40z Pearl Mon 14:56z




SF Bay Sun 00:38z North Island Sun 18:18z

North Island Wed 12:38z SF Bay Thu 06:18z

SF Bay Tue 02:11z NS Everett Wed 13:07z

NS Everett Fri 14:11z SF Bay Sat 01:07z


Upon first reading of your post I thought you had mis-typed "kml" instead of "xml" but upon further reading I was really confused.

The presence of a kml file is baffling to me. How exactly did you decompile the bgl?

Jim F.

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