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FS9 Sim Total Overhaul - P3D or FSX?


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I've had FS9 since it came out and been using it with a VAST amount of addons, occasionally wondering whether to make the move to something more recent but been reluctant to because of how much software I'd have to replace (£500 worth, not to mention a new gaming PC requirement).


However because this is my main hobby I've decided to take the plunge. Problem being, I can't seem to find ANY discussion post 2015 about whether to go for FSX or P3D. And I've been living in a hole since 2004 came out, and unlike every simmer out there it seems, I do not possess in-depth gaming computer/tweaks/mods knowledge.


The plan is to use the following addons:


Majestic Q400 Pilot Edition

Boeing 737-8/900 Base Package

PMDG Boeing 737-6/700 Expansion

Captain Sim 757-200 Base Pack

Level-D 767-300

Feelthere Embraer Phenom 100




OrbX FTX openLC Europe

OrbX FTX openLC North America

OrbX FTX openLC South America

OrbX FTX Trees HD

OrbX England

OrbX Northern Ireland

OrbX Scotland

OrbX openLC Mesh South America

ActiveSky Next (considered REX but it looks more like an architect that relies entirely on user design?)

My Traffic 6

DX10 Fixer

Rex4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition


I just bought FSX:SE because I'd read a lot of sentiment favouring it over P3D in terms of compatibility, price, stability and what-not; but I'm also seeing this '32 bit OOM' thing haunting me everywhere and now I'm wondering whether I just wasted £20. (Also, I just ran it and was surprised to see it basically looks the same as FS9?)


If there isn't a 64 bit version of FSX:SE, how are people out there on Youtube running OrbX and REX and god knows what else perfectly fine without problems? Surely they all require well over 4gb memory?


It feels like there is a 3 year gap in discussion here - is it because there's no question now - P3D is king?


Any advice much appreciated - don't want to waste £500 on FSX:SE software to find out P3D is a better move!



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Coming from a FS9 user I think they are a 50-50 proposition. Today I would personally use FSX, 2-3 years from now I can see things may change. FSX is proven and it's shortcomings are well known and documented. P3D is yet to totally prove itself but it is underway. Place your bet...
Mark Daniels
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Hi Folks,


I’ve seen posts on the FlyTampa forum - where FlyTampa, FSDT, and Flightbeam are going to stop developing for FSX - it’s starting folks... Personally - I think you’d be throwing your money away on FSX products unless they have free updates to P3D...


I was a diehard FS9 user right up until P3Dv3 was released - never really used FSX... In addition to the 64 bit thing the graphics engine has been improved in P3D as well... P4Dv4 is incredible - granted it costs a bucket load of cash to make it so - same with FSX though... I could never go back...


JV (owner of ORBX) - just threw out an interesting stat - 65% of all his customers are on P3D...


Just look at that lighting...








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