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Buying ----- SceneryTech's Europe Landclass for FSX ---- Worth it?? Plaese advise.


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I'll be brief.

I'm thinking of buying: SceneryTech's Europe Landclass for FSX


Thought process: I don't want to have to buy 100ds of parts to cover the world.

SceneryTech comes in 6 easy global regions. (Europe, USA, South Am, etc). Seems simple to me.


(Instead of: "one for UK, one for schotland, one for Ireland, one for Netherlands, one

for Germany West, one for East Germany etc, etc, etc, etc ad infinitum...... AND one ring to rule them all":( )


Any advice.

I don't mind if it is "a small upgrade only compared to default".


Is it: "small upgrade but for small price"? (therefore worth considering, in my book.)

Or would you advise against it for some reason?


Thanks in advance.


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It's well worth it I think!!


I bought Scenery Tech Europe

I haven't had much time to test. Only a few flights.

I did see that at altitude the ground looks much better. Less "repeating pattern" and cities look much better.


Today I noticed the extra buildings too, on a takeoff from EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol) Runway 18L.

In default fsx that takeoff takes you over a rather desolate area.

Not any more! Now many buildings! And looks pretty good. As if "the world got updated".


Here's screenshots from the takeoff 18L. Joy!


On the Runway:




Tower views to the North North-East:






To the South South-East:






And the takeoff:











I'm well happy with this!:)

I think I'll get more SceneryTech once time allows.



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