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What type of keyboards do you all use?


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Hi! I'm a new simmer and am trying to find out what others use for a keyboard. Regular/Gaming/Programmable? What size/model/etc?


I now use a regular sized keyboard and it's way too big for my needs, as I mostly only use SHIFT+Z and SHIFT+L, plus the (numeric) 10-key...


Thank you, everyone!



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Lol, I like the solid feel of an old electric typewriter keyboard so am using an archaic (probably 20 years old) Micro$oft keyboard - big plastic keys, definite feedback when typing, heavy enough to not slide around on the desk top, and it's PS/2 so frees up a USB port. (My backup system, on a desk behind me, has a similar Packard Bell keyboard that is even older.)


I hate most modern keyboards - flimsy feeling, lightweight, no feedback; on the last couple I had the keys even rattled when I typed. Someone once recommended a new keyboard that was "just what you want", I followed the link ...to a $140 keyboard.

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I usually don't like to advertise products but this keyboard is a value and perfect size, feel, function, durability. I was a data transcriber for years so I know keyboards. It's the Logitech MK-360 wireless, with wireless mouse (M215), with unifying dongle (add web cam, etc using only 1 dongle - neat feature). Same dongle pickus up the KB, the Mouse, your webcam, etc. It's at Amazon - it's $20.90 plus shipping. Worth it.


It may be at WalMart but don't go online to buy THEY CAN'T FIND IT (cheesh). One reviewer (at Walmart) gave it 5 Stars: '..it runs real quiet' (haha). KB uses 2 AA batts. Mouse 1 AA. I change mouse every 2 months. KB every 6 months. They are always 'ON' (24/7) so you may get 5 times that. With (yellow) Function key you can "PrnScrn' and a dozen other things. Has speaker volume up/down keys top row. Had 10 key. Get a palm rest (rubber) and you are good to go. It works with XP thru Win 10 (plug & play). Hope this helps you.

Chuck B


MK360 KB & M215 Mouse_$21.jpg

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