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Kodiak descends too rapidly with full flaps?


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I spent a long time flying the Lionheart Quest Kodiak. One thing I can't master, are soft landings. If I'm lucky, I can get -200fpm. Other times, I can get up to -800fpm or more. I have to go almost full throttle with a landing speed of 80+ knots (manual says land with 60 knots for short landings). I mostly fly bush with it where the trees are dangerously close to the runway. I use a tool that removes 1.5x of trees near the runway but it doesn't seem to help.


Does anyone experience this? How do you get soft landings in it?




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Those flaps create a lot of drag so more power is needed. Take it up to altitude and practice 'slow flight' with various flaps while maintaining altitude. When you can consistently hold 60kts, note the power and pitch needed, then use that as you land.
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