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Decent Al Traffic for FS2004 as of 2017?


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There is a plethora of free AI in the libraries here, most of it localized by carrier and updated seasonally, so you will have to search for the airports/areas/carriers you're interested in, and may have to download the aircraft and liveries separately.


There are also several free utilities which, to a degree, automate the process of creating your own AI - select two airports, select an aircraft, select an appropriate schedule (daily, every couple of days, once a week, etc.), click a button and get a bgl to add to the sim.


You can also get the World of AI installer and download whatever packages you like for it; these are usually complete with aircraft and only require a couple of mouse clicks to install.


I think most people have a combination of all three. But remember too much AI will quickly kill frame rates, especially in congested areas.

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