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Canada Air Virtual

Rod J

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Canada Air Virtual is a Canadian based virtual airline, founded on the principle we offer a professional and friendly community environment without a lot of rules and restrictions, giving our pilots the freedom to fly any aircraft, livery and route or charter flight at any time.


Canada Air Virtual welcomes members of all skill levels.

We support flights on both the VATSIM and IVAO Networks.

We have our own Custom Flight Reporting System CAVacars.

Fly any of our over 11,000 schedules, any of our over 145 airline partners schedules or fly unlimited charter flights.

Over 100 active tours with new tours created monthly.

Weekly group flights.

Events and fly inns.

Private TeamSpeak 3 and community forum for our pilots to communicate.

Proudly partnered with SimAddons, FSPilotShop, Aerosoft and FS2Crew giving our pilots % discounts on a wide range of flight simulation products.

We have a dedicated and friendly Staff Team that is here to help and support you.

Join Canada Air Virtual's community today and experience the difference...you'll fly with a smile!


Like what you here?

Visit us @ Canada Air Virtual

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