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Flying without ATC


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Hi all,


I have a question about flying, in FSX, without the default ATC. I almost always fly IFR, and sometimes the ATC annoys me, especially

with the numerous switching to other frequencies, amongst a couple of other issues i have with the ATC. So, i would like to try flying without it.

I would especially like to now more about SID`s and STAR`s. I would like to know which STAR to choose. And how to decide to which altitudes to descend when flying an approach.


Hope someone can help me answering these questions..



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SIDS and STARs are meant to be used with ATC. You are wanting to fly VFR. Just do what ever you want in the Sim at this point. It isn't real life. Typical elevation you want to be at to fly into a runway is around 1500 feet above ground. But that can vary depending on terrain, etc. That's where a chart will come in handy or the approach plate. I've downloaded a lot of my approach plates at flightaware.com


Here's a wealth of online books. http://www.flightsimbooks.com/ Learn how to land with a VOR or a NDB approach. YouTube can help.


Make it a rule to be at 250 knots or less at or below 10,000 feet. That's what it is in the U.S. At this point, flip your landing lights on.

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As eluded to by CRJ_simpilot you can do what you want.....


Two options spring to mind.....


Fly the flight as a GPS direct flight or a VFR Point to Point flight using VORs or high/low airways. Another option is to use an IFR flight plan and once airborne cancel it via the ATC menu - ATC will let you happily go on your own merry way. As you get to say 100/120 miles from the destination open up the ATC window, reopen the IFR flight plan and then contact ATC - the ATC engine will detect where you in relation to the FP and start issuing the appropriate instructions.....




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