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FSX to Prepar3D v4

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After many years as FSX Simmer i weighting up the pro's and con's of the move ocvet to Prepar3D v4


The main reason for the possible move is to take advantage of the 64bit Architecture of P3d campraed to FSX limitation of only using 4gb of memory and the OOM usage


My rig is


Core i7 3820 3.60GHz Sandybridge - E overclocked to 4.20GHz

16GB (4x4GB) 2133MHz C11 DDR3 Quad Channel Kit

ATI radeon 6850ICEq 1gb gfx card

running siatek panels, saitek throttle quadrants , thrustmaster mfd panels also an X55 Hotas.


The investemt ive put into FSx over the last 8 years is alot of paid software including


Orbx Global & Vector and mutilple landclasses with orbx airports (circa£400)


Aircraft - carenado (c£150), Milviz (c£100) A2A(£200) plus misc other just flight etc c£250


So investment in software is around £1,000


So my question is any of this exsting fsx software compataible within P3d v4 or parts? Or is it the case im going to have to repurchase a whle new software suite to bring it up to my current requirements usable for P3dv4.


Im a keen user of Airhauler 2 , being my main go to sotware for flight enjoyment



any advice much appreciated. Im hoping for some good news but 'prepared' for the bad.


sorry chaps posted in wrong forum topic, have reposted

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All of that has been upgraded to work in P3D V4. I don't know what your miscellaneous aircraft are but Carenado has just released it's third pack of updated aircraft. Milviz works and so does A2A. All the ORBX software has now been released in P3D V4 with new ORBX Libraries.


These are all FREE upgrades! Lots of developers are updating to the new 64bit architecture and are re-releasing with free upgrades to existing owners. You will have to check individual developers forms for anything you have a question about.


Happy Flying!! :)

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