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unused Scenery


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The runtime error will most likely relate to a missing Runtime C++ or Visual Basic library. Check the app's requirement against those you have installed.


Another tool to look at is Scenery Config Editor - see HERE to download it and HERE for instructions on how to use it.


The tool shows you problem areas, has a built-in text editor to edit entries if required and will show unused/uninstalled scenery not in the .cfg file using a function called 'Generate from directory' which is found under the 'Actions' menu.




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Runtime errors from XP era programs are often due to the way they access DX. All DX versions are backwards compatible, but not all software is forward compatible. Prior to DX10 the functions were contained in numerous small .dll files, from DX10 on MS consolidated these into fewer larger files. Problems arise depending on how those older programs call the DX functions; if they call the function by name only windows will find it no matter what DX you have, but if they call the function by path windows cannot find it and throws the error.


So it's a good idea to install the old MS DX9.0c Redistributable on newer systems. It does not interfere with newer DX versions, installs to its own folder, and just takes up space ...until an older program calls a DX function by path.


You can verify DX9 install by checking installed programs, it will show as Visual C++ 2008 - 2010.

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