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Is it possible to have3 model files in one plane?? ( Exterior, Interior, And VC.)


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I have a plane with an Exterior and a Cabin. No VC.

It works.

It has a 2D panel, Exterior is OK.

In VC view you don't see a VC.

When you look over your shoulder, you look into the seat rows in the Cabin.


It is an FSX native model.

Has 2 .mdl files in the model folder

model.cfg file correct, as follows:






two files in model folder:

plane_name.mdl ------>that is the Exterior.

plane_name_interior.mdl -----------that is the Cabin.



But no VC. It's Aliased to a default 2Dpanel only.


I want to install a VC.

But not by replacing the Interior, I want to have both Cabin and VC. (and Exterior of course)


I know how to install a VC.


What I need to know is, can you have three models active at once? Ext, Int, and Cabin.

and how should that model.cfg file read then?


Do you add the third model as:






Apart from that model.cfg I can fuddle the rest together.

No need to explain how to add a VC (merge of 2 models). Did that a few times.

The issue is, merge of three model files.


Would be nice if it were possible!

Ever tried and failed or succeeded? Let me know!:D

Thanks in advance. il.

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Yes, did that already.

But not the easy way you present it, AFAIK there's no such thing as interior2=...


The trick is to merge the VC and the Cabin to one interior model first (with MCX), and use that new interior model for the actual FSX interior-exterior merge as we know it.


I merged the Project Airbus A380 exterior, Project Airbus A380 interior and Thomas Ruth A340 VC this way.


Just curious: what's your planned project?



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I'll start by answering your question.

It's about combining other people's creations.

I was planning to write a guide. Not planning to ask permission and upload.



download files X, and file XX

Both have exterior. Matching.

one has a texture and 2D panel,

the other texture and Cabin.

(both planes FSX models)


Download file XXX. This has a usable VC (and 3D panels.)

Follow guide, many steps, to combine files. Working on your desktop.

The result is one aircraft folder with VC, Cabin, Exterior, (and 2D panels).

Resulting folder has both Airline Textures folder installed and working.

Last step: Install resulting plane. Go fly.



I don't want to use MCX. It would most likely be aginst licences anyway. Not even considering it.



So, the 3 model approach is off.


I will change plan to do similar, but now without Cabin. Never cared much for those anyway.


I've been working on that approach. Exterior, VCockpit, 2d Pane, and 2 textures. Started 48 hours ago on that.


Have it finished and working well.

Writing the guide will take while. I made notes while merging. But will have to make guide more readable.


Will need to do a few test runs on the plane. Maybe a few last minute ui_xxxxx changes to present clearly in selection list.

And after what you wrote I realise I have to adjust how the Views behave. I haven't checked if there's a Wingview. The viewpoint "Cabin" can be removed. F12, normally "top down", gave a completely different result. That kind of thing.



Understood what you said about MCX. I'll remember it as a starting point for if this ever comes up in the future.

Thanks for that info. Searching that knowledge out myself would have taken me a long time.


The 'easy 3 model merge' was just a 'brainwave' I had while merging. I had many folders and files open at the time and didn't want to close everything to start searching trough other aircraft with cab and vc, such as props, to see if a pattern would emerge.:)

Many thanks f16 for closing the book on that plan. Helps me focus.



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