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Glacier Virtual Airlines - Looking for Pilots and Staff


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Hi all,


Allow me to introduce Glacier Virtual Airlines. We are currently looking for new pilots and staff members who are interested in joining our team and playing a vital role in the growth of the airline.




Glacier Virtual launched as as GlacierNord, our Northern Canada divison, on the FSAirlines system on 10/27, and we currently operate on the VAFinancials system. Using VAFS we plan to simulate the growth of an actual airline, ultimately evolving Glacier from a regional carrier in Canada's remote Northern territories into a major Canadian full-service carrier.

We currently operate the following aircraft:




5x - Boeing 737-200C

Tinmouse II model. Captain Sim textures also available.




5x Bombardier Dash 8-100

Dreamwings model.


We additionally plan to acquire 737 Classics in the near future to replace the 737-200C as the workhorse of the fleet.


These ten aircraft are based at our hubs in:

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (CYZF)

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory (CYXY)

Iqaluit, Nunavut (CYFB)

and our focus city of Rankin Inlet, Nunavut (CYRT).

Current routes consist of regional links between remote cities and towns in Northern Canada and routes linking our three main hubs with Canada's southern gateways. For the time being we plan to operate solely as GlacierNord until our operations are large enough to sustain our entry in Canada's larger Southern market.


We maintain a website with real-time info on the company's operations and regular news over at https://glacierva.weebly.com. Come check us out!


Any interested pilots can apply here, provided they meet the listed criteria. In addition, we're also looking for managers for our three hubs - interested applicants can apply using the contact function on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here or via our website's contact function.


Thank you, and have a great weekend. We hope you'll consider us. :cool:

Joshua G

CEO, Glacier Virtual Airlines

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Fascinating stuff. You piqued my curiosity so I downloaded a scenery for YellowKnife and flew in there in my 737-600 PMDG. Wx was low single digits F with snow but good vis. Shot the 33 ILS and nearly clipped a large fir tree around 400 ft AGL. I don't have the plate but I did notice the localizer is offset angular from the runway I guess due to the terrain on short final. But with the good vis I had no problem and made a nice landing. Orbx freeware airports also supports this airport. Nice little airport with plenty of runway but that terrain short of 33 would be sporty in reduced vis.

Good luck with your VA. Looks like fun.

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