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TOKYO Scenery


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Hi All,


I am new for FS2004 since the beginning of this year.


I am looking for a good city scenery for Tokyo area either commercial and non-commercial product.


I found an excellent one by Mr. Shige but unfortunately, FS2004 version was aborted distribution since few years ago. Now only FSX version can be downloaded.


Is there anybody has an idea where can I find a good TOKYO scenery?


Thanks a lot



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The best I've seen is



Unfortunately the developer's site is long gone, but a diligent search online may still find a download (it's about 1gB in size).


Otherwise try http://www.freewarescenery.com/fs2004/japan.html


or commercial products:


(the Overland airports are nice, though I removed the "photo" ground textures as they contrast too much with surrounding terrain)

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