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What is a good set of Yoke, Rudder, and Controls to buy for starting out.


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Hello guys, I am building a system as a gift for a family member who is serious about flying. For now we want to surprise him with a Flight SIM PC to get going so he can then supplement his real world flight training. I assume he will be training in Cessna planes locally.


Can you guys give me advice on which SIM to have him start with . I think FSX sounds like it is a good one, but we also want to get him a Yoke, Rudder, and stand setup for more realistic controls. Budget is up to $800 for the controls if needed, I already have the PC covered.


Any advice is most appreciated.



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You certainly cannot go wrong by choosing FSX. It's been around for years, is will supported by its users (though certainly not by Microsoft any more), and there are limitless add-ons for it.


A yoke and rudder pedals will make for a realistic cockpit. I've used those made by CH Products for many years. Saitek also makes generally good products. There are also more expensive, and thus higher quality, products available though you might want to start simple.

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