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Hi everyone! New Flightsim website...


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Hi! Hope to be here more often, but I wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 50yo female who has been into flight sim's since the Apple ][ days of the 80's. I hgave a new website for the opensource flightsim "Flightgear" and run two Flightgear multiplayer servers, one in San Francisco and another in Japan. My website is at https://FlightgearJP.online and I would love to see you there if you are curious about Flightgear.


Now on to reading backposts here :)



https://FlightgearJP.online - Flightgear Fan Site & Server in Japan

https://FlightgearJP.online/torrents - Flightgear Installer Download Torrents

http://FlightgearJP.online:3000 - Slack Team for Flightgear Fans

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I have tried flightgear a year ago. I didn't install the Windows version. I had very little disk space left at the time.

I had a little experience with FreeBSD and some Linux flavours, so I installed a Linux flavour on an old 80g HDD that I put in a USB enclosure. Could boot that on my 3570k pc and run Linux, and found it much easier to use then in the past. It had grown up.

Installing a FLightgear distro was relatively painless.


It looked and worked great. Lots of planes available and very easy to install.

I mainly tried what I think was a Cessna 172. Also tried a jet later, probably boeing 737 or 747.


Especially low flying was good. Great scenery, much more lively then FSX.

For example, traffic lights along many roads at night. And huge amounts of complex buildings. Not the repetitive houses you get in most of the scenery in fsx.

Even cranes and complex ports.

All in fully default scenery.


The b737 looked great, but there was an issue too. When flying higher then about 12.000 feet, suddenly cloud appeared as out of nowhere. Nice, but impossible to see the ground sky or horizon.

I read that "cloud was not fixable" Or "still under development".


The main issues were with the os and hardware. Videocard and controllers. The settings menu for the joystick was very limited. It did not even allow for a throttle handle, so I had to manage the thrust with keyboard.

And the graphics card was supported, but fine tuning graphics was difficult.

The ground sometimes "shimmered" which got tiring on the eyes.


Another issue, that 15 year old hdd got very hot in it's enclosure.

I decided to quit and go back to fsx. I still haven't gotten a big SSD, but once I do, FlightGear will be one of the first things I install.


Nice to meet you, Welcome!:D


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