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Cobra Team at Hotel am Tiergarten


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In college days, I liked to oil paint. Digital painting terrain for 3D virtual worlds like Le Mans 4 FSX, I found brings a similar pleasure. That is except for the smell of the paint thinner, etc.


There is some more digital painting left for Nurburgring 4 FSX, but in having completed its rendering of Nuerburg, Germany, I needed to take a break and enjoy it.


This video is of the ASS Ferrari 250 GTO taking on the 5 Cobra's. Back when. the Shelby Cobra was specifically designed to challenge the 250 GTO at Le Mans. In this video, it is also challenged where eventually overtaking 5 Cobras.


Nurburgring / Nordschleife 4 FSX will be available soon. Like an oil panting, its hand made. There is still some more digital panting, and about two miles of guard rails left to go that is noted as the "Construction Zone"!


By http://AutoSportsSimulations.com

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